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Office Productivity Club Membership

Become an Office Productivity Club Member and Save Thousands!

Purchase a 12-month Office Productivity Club Membership for just $1,699 per student.

The Office Productivity Club Membership provides the ultimate in flexibility and value. Take as many classes as you'd like that fit into your schedule. Choose from more than 100 courses starting each week. Plus, courseware and labs are included at no additional cost.

Office Productivity Club Membership Value. How much time do you spend using Microsoft Office applications like Excel, Word, and Outlook? Dedicating four or five days a year for training on Microsoft Office, Adobe or soft skills will make you more productive. The Office Productivity Club costs less than paying for those classes separately and provides an unlimited amount of training for a full year.

How Club Memberships Work

  • A Club member can attend any course in the selected training group (Office Productivity, Information Technology or Professional Development).
  • Club memberships will activate on the date of the first class attended or 30 days from invoice date if a class is not yet attended.
  • Club members can choose from Instructor-Led Training or Online LIVE classes listed below in the select Course Group and are scheduled before the last active day of Club membership.
  • Club members can be enrolled in up to 5 classes at any one time; enrollments cancelled late or no-showed must be rescheduled and attended before attending other classes.
  • Membership is for one (1) person only and cannot be transferred to another individual once activated.
  • Career education students and career programs not eligible.
  • Standard cancellation policy applies to Club enrollments. Students who cancel late or no-show will be required to reschedule and take the cancelled class before registering or attending other classes.
  • Offer available to corporate clients only.

Contact your Account Executive for additional information and details.

Office Productivity Group: Courses Included

Courses included subject to change