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TN State Training Grants for Businesses

The Incumbent Worker Training Program (IWT) is a competitive grant that provides funding to help eligible Tennessee businesses effectively train and retain employees by providing skills upgrades and process improvement training for existing, full-time employees.

Qualifying Businesses

  • Grantee must be a classified as a Tennessee for-profit business (or a not-for-profit business in health care)
  • Businesses in operation at least one year
  • Businesses which employ at least five full-time employees
  • Businesses current on all local, state, and federal tax obligations
  • Businesses not currently or recently experiencing, nor expecting to experience, a bankruptcy – all businesses must be a financially viable
  • Businesses must not appear on any federal suspensions or debarment list

Costs That May Qualify for Reimbursement

Grant funding may reimburse all or part of the costs of training eligible employees.  Reimbursable expenses include:

  • Instructors
  • Curriculum development
  • Textbooks and manuals
  • Materials and supplies
  • Tuition expenses (tuition defined as being provided by an institution regulated by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission)

How to Apply for Training Grants