Best Ways To Prepare For The IoT Surge

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The Internet of Things is one of the biggest opportunities in the history of computing. According to Business Insider Intelligence, there could be 34 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020, up from only 10 billion in 2015. Nearly $6 trillion might be spent on IoT solutions between 2016 and 2021, with businesses, government organizations and consumers all investing heavily in the hardware and software that enables new connections and services to thrive.

3 Critical Skills That Employers Are Looking For In Tech Professionals

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Demand for tech professionals continues to climb. New technologies, emerging cyber threats and other trends are providing more opportunities than ever for applicants to demonstrate their expertise and prove why they would be the best fit for a particular position. However, staying stagnant too long in the tech industry can negatively impact your appeal to employers. 

Top 3 fastest growing IT certifications for 2017

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Technology is a constantly moving target. For IT professionals, that means that remaining stagnant in terms of skills, experience and capabilities can be a severe detriment to the business and themselves. IT certifications are a great means to improve knowledge and support tech efforts. Let's take at the three fastest growing IT certifications for this year that professionals should take advantage of.